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Chairman’s Message

I feel immensely proud to declare that Super Asia Group is a benefitting tribute to the public. Our work force and the satisfied customers play a major part in the Super Asia’s success story.

The vision of the founder was to become a winning streak from the outset. His profound insight into the dynamics of Home Appliance Industry continues to inspire the management of Super Asia till date.

Despite the unstable economy of the region Super Asia has achieved commendable milestones. Today Super Asia with its diversified range of offerings has become a trusted brand for generations, nationally and internationally. Blend of supreme quality and technological advancement in our products gives us an edge over our counterparts. We have faced many challenges in our journey to the top but it was all made easy due to our unvarying innovation and by our untiring efforts to meet customer demands.

I would like to reassure all the stake holders that the management of Super Asia not only looks ahead with a deep sense of enterprise, progressive outlook and professional attitude, but constantly reviews, grasps and benefits from the state of the art technologies and modern research to achieve new heights of success.